As I am now retired I am not able to reply to emails – but would welcome any feedback on the website, leaflets or toolkit. 

This would let me know how you feel about them and could help me make them more accessible or useful to others.


You can email any feedback to


I am able to undertake some speaking engagements in relation to the "Menopause Swings and Roundabouts" Toolkit and how it can be used to help women through this phase of life. If you would be interested in my speaking in your area or to your organisation please email to the address above - marking your email 'speaking engagements'


If you are struggling with your menopause symptoms do let your family, friends or people at work know just how you are feeling and how they can help you. You may also want to have a chat with your doctor or practice nurse  - whoever is interested and trained in Menopause Care. You could also contact others on the "Menopause Matters" or other websites which offer advice, support and the opportunity to share your experiences with others. See "Resources" button.


Althea de Carteret