Welcome to the “Menopause Swings and Roundabouts” website and toolkit!


“What you lose on the swings - you gain on the roundabouts” as the saying goes.



This website brings you into the world of the inspiring ordinary women, from all walks of life, who were going through the menopause and were photographed for my “Rollercoasting through the Menopause years” exhibition - or attended my NHS Menopause clinics or Community groups over the last 20 years.

Their experiences, questions and solutions have been brought together in this selfhelp toolkit to allow you to explore your own feelings and needs at this time of life – and to find solutions that work for you. It’s more fun to share this with other women – but it works fine if you want to use it on your own. You are welcome to download the free leaflets on Menopause or PMS, download the whole toolkit or individual sections as wished.
There’s no question that the menopause can bring some loss into our lives – but there are some great advantages in being past the menopause and some wonderful women out in the world who are living exciting and fulfilling lives alongside all the caring roles that are part of this stage of life for most women.


What women have wanted from past menopause groups

“Permission to focus on myself without feeling guilty.”

“Break from frenetic daily life.    Time and space just for me.    Fun!“

“To understand what happens in the menopause - and learn how to cope better.”


What women felt after attending menopause groups


“Brilliant! Just so glad I came!  Thank goodness I am not going mad or falling apart. ALL NORMAL THEN!”

“Wonderful, reassuring, sensible, supportive, informative. Thank-you!”

“It’s so useful to know “I’m not the only one” going through these feelings etc. – great help from my peers!”

“I found listening to the others very useful – and enjoyed the focus on the future as an exciting and empowering adventure.”



“I now see this stage of my life as a new beginning, rather than the beginning of the end!”




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