Sample Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Quiz

(Used to be called PMT)


Session 5 PMS Quiz


1) What time of ‘the month’ (menstrual cycle) does PMS occur? – and how can you know if you really have PMS?


2) In what ways can PMS affect you?

a)your physical body?

b) your mental performance at work or at home?

c) your emotions?


3) Bearing in mind the research in the 70s that showed that if you keep a man awake for 48hrs with very little food he would experience all the symptoms of PMS (except breast tenderness!) – how might you help a woman with PMS cope better with her days?

a) with eating

b) with tiredness

c) with stress


4) Many people with PMS can find their worst times are when they haven’t eaten for a long time ie. first thing in the morning and while cooking the evening meal after collecting the kids from school. What advice might you give them so that they can keep their blood sugar steady during these times – and throughout the day?


5) As stimulants usually make things much worse – what advice could you give about caffeine (in tea, coffee, cola drinks, chocolate) and nicotine?


6) How do you think alcohol should be used during PMS time?


7) Do you know of any Herbal treatments or other Complementary therapy that has been shown to help with PMS – or that has helped you?


8) As PMS is due to the huge hormone swings that happen after the egg is released each month - can you think of any Medical treatments that could prevent PMS?