"What women shared..."

Session 1

What other women shared about their experience of using the photos

"The photo session was really good and inspiring"
"Thought provoking ‐ stimulating"

Comments from the photos Set 1 ‐ "Facing the problems"

"How will I cope with what's ahead?"
"Who will do for me when I can't manage?"
"Poor sleep – pains – stiff in morning"
"Enjoy being part of 3 generations of women"
"Make too many demands on myself"
"Feel guilty if not giving"
"Wrestling with many things"
"Feel as if living 2 separate lives"
"Don't care what people think any more!"

Comments from the photos Set 2 ‐ "Looking after ourselves"
"It's good to have a laugh!"
"Enjoy exercise – Yoga, walking, Pilates, swimming – whatever you like best"
"Freedom out of doors"
"Accepting life"
"Women friends"
"Totally new interests and make time for fun!"
"Learning to relax"
"Whatever" ‐ attitude to life!"
"Spend as much money on my hobbies and interests as my partner and friends do!"
"Become softer"
"Know your own mind"
"Helped me to focus on my own journey – and where I am at the moment"